Any unsold items that you wish to pick up will be available, sorted by consignor code (except Housewares, Men's, Ladies/Jrs, and Maternity items, which do not get sorted), on Thursday, March 14, 4pm-8pm.

  • Unsold items NOT picked up at this time will be donated to charity that evening! We regret that NO alternate arrangements can be made. Please have a friend pick-up your unsold items if you are unavailable to do so! They need to know your name and code. Forward your registration confirmation to them for the easiest pick-up. Please do not email asking for us to hold your items or to come the following day if you forget pickup. We cannot.
  • If you cannot make it to pick-up and you can't find someone who can go to pick-up for you, you can work a 4 hour sort slot and take home your items at the end of sort if sort is complete by the end of your shift. Or you can come to the final day of the sale, pull your unsold items, and show them to Gail with your confirmation email to take them out of the building.
  • Pick-up is busiest at 5 pm. Wait till 6 pm and you will get out faster.
  • If you hung your junior sized XS, S, M items incorrectly on the Girls size 12-16 racks, they have been properly moved to the ladies/juniors section. Please check there for them. Please always hang Junior items in Juniors.
  • Remember that any items you tagged with WHITE CARDSTOCK will not be available as they are donated immediately on the evening the sale ends.
  • At Pick-up, you may choose to place any of your items you do not wish to carry home in the donation area, but we strongly suggest that you print your tags on WHITE CARDSTOCK instead and skip the trip to Pick-up as we will mail checks the following week.

What to do at pick-up:

  1. Pick up your Kids EveryWEAR check.
  2. Check the rack for your CHILDREN'S CLOTHING and a bag of your SHOES and ACCESSORIES by CODE. Find your consignor code in numerical order on the racks in the designated clothing area. Every consignor code will be represented, even if you have sold all items. If you don't find your code, see a sale worker! Shoes and accessories will be with your clothing items if any remain. Girls and Boys clothes are COMBINED for pickup.
  3. Check toys. Items will be sorted on the floor in numerical order, by consignor code.
  4. Check Ladies/Jr's/Maternity/Ladies purses if you brought any items there (we do not sort ladies/jr's/maternity) OR if you brought junior items and incorrectly hung them in Girls sizes 12-14 as those have been moved to Ladies/Jrs.
  5. Check Lost & Found for items that have become separated from sets or have lost their tags.
  6. Check outdated/wrong season/stained/torn racks: All items which fail to meet the criteria listed in our Items Accepted section will not be sorted. Those may be found in a designated spot at Pick-up. 
  7. Get your unsold items from Housewares. We do not sort Housewares items.
  8. Get your unsold items from Mens. We do not sort Men's items.

IMPORTANT Notes about Checks:

  • Checks MAY NOT be available at Pick-up in the event that we experience any equipment failures. We will make every effort to have them available for you! We love to save the postage! We have always had them ready but will email you the night before if checks will not be ready at pick-up.
  • If you are planning to donate all of your unsold items to charity, but would like to come during pickup hours to receive your sale earnings, we encourage you to do so!
  • Any checks which are not picked up on-site will be mailed that week. Details here.
  • Please do not contact us to inquire about a mailed check unless you have not received your check by the first week of the next month.

A few deals you might be interested in at Pick-up. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag and donate unsold leftovers next sale will be available (20 sheets for $1).
  • 4" zipties will be available. 100/pack for $1.
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